Property Management

Full-Service Property Management Services

Why use me?

  • I have a PR & Marketing background and will promote and advertise your property in every possible way (Social Media, Word of Mouth, Flyers, and online on all the major sites – including Zillow, Hotpads, Craigslist, Trulia, MLS, etc…)
  • I’m networked with recruiters. Relocation clients are great tenants.  A lot of people relocate and want to rent for a year before they decide where to buy or they just rent for 2 years and move to another city.
  • I’m networked with realtors.  Realtors are utilized as a housing resource and often have clients that have sold their house and they haven’t found another one yet or they simply just want to rent for a bit before making their next move.
  • I am solely promoting your property for rent (I do not take on competing rentals).  Your rental has my undivided attention.   I am not just trying to rent anything I can to the tenant and throwing a bunch of options at them.  I am exclusively promoting your property.
  • Name recognition.  Coldwell is a trusted name and leader in the market for property solutions in the Twin Cities and worldwide.
  • I will work harder for you.  I take a lot of pride in my work and I want to make all of my clients happy and exceed their expectations.
  • I want to make sure I am providing the best service for my clients, therefore I limit the number of properties that I manage, and I won’t take on any competing/similar rentals in the same geography and/or price point when trying to find a tenant.  our property is my priority.
  • I have a large database that I’ve created of trusted   Dishwasher breaks?  I know who to call.  Windows need washed?  I know who to call.   I will handle all coordination.

Full-Service Property Management

Move-in Coordination – Meet with the tenant at the property to welcome personally welcome them and provide keys, address any last-minute concerns, educate them on the critical mechanical systems of the home, and conduct a move-in inspection.

City Licensing – Most cities in and around the Twin Cities metro area require a rental license for all rental properties. I will help you obtain this license as well as coordinate inspections that go along with them.

Rent Collection – Collect the rent electronically and have it deposited directly into your account.

Enforce Lease Terms – This not only includes making sure the rent is paid. Enforcing the terms of the lease includes many things, including monitoring the tenant’s utility bills. This is a step many property management companies skip. In most cases, tenants are required to pay all utilities. I monitor all utility billing for you so that you don’t get stuck with a big bill. This alone could save you the entire cost of management.  I also perform periodic checks on the property to make sure that the tenant is complying with the terms of the lease and taking care of the property.

On-going Maintenance – Handle any maintenance issues that come up, working with my pool preferred vendors to get you the lowest prices. I will coordinate and meet with the contractors.

File Minnesota CRP Forms – The laws for Minnesota Property Management require every landlord to send a CRP form to each tenant every January. CRP forms are confusing, time-consuming and a big hassle – unless I manage your property. Don’t worry, I complete and mail those pesky CRP forms for you at no extra charge.

Coordinate & Manage Lawn & Snow Care – I set this up for each property and coordinate with the vendors.  I also pay them directly and then add it to my monthly invoice.

Move-out Turnover – No tenant lasts forever. What happens when the old tenant moves out, and you need a new one? In most cases, I can have your property ready overnight so that the new tenant can move right in, without any gap in tenancy.

Move-out Inspections – Meet with the tenant at the property towards the end of the lease to perform an inspection and coordinate the security deposit return and forwarding address information.

Monthly Invoicing – I invoice monthly. The invoice includes my monthly property management fee, lawn or snow care, and any other misc. items that came up during the month for less than $500 (I usually don’t bother you with anything that comes up that is less than $500 and just take care of it and then add it to my invoice along with the receipt).

Quality Tenant Placement

Determine Rent Price of Property – Conduct market and neighborhood analysis to determine the best rental rate for your property.

Property Marketing & Advertising – Full-service marketing and advertising plan specifically tailored for your property and designed to bring well-qualified tenants.

  • Edited Photos
  • This plan includes an advertising mix geared towards your property that maximizes exposure by utilizing all available advertising resources (associations, forums, blogs, Internet/Web sites, social media, signage, MLS, etc.) to give your property maximum exposure in your specific target market.
  • My Coldwell Banker and real estate network (including relocation companies) is also utilized extensively to find the right tenant for your property.
  • Manage all calls & showings.

Tenant Screening

  • Schedule & conduct tours of the property with potential tenants.
  • Meticulous screening of every tenant that is designed to obtain complete comprehensive information on each applicant, including credit check, background check, criminal record, eviction record, and calling references.

Leasing Contract/Paperwork – Work directly with the tenant to negotiate the terms of the lease and address any questions about the lease, saving you time and energy. Coldwell Banker Realty utilizes a custom lease that complies with all state and federal laws.

*Please contact for pricing and additional information.